The Veranda

When we first started dreaming this up, I had an entirely different plan. I wanted a big white barn with a lot of windows, all white and all gorgeous. Then we shot a wedding in the middle of May and it rained all day and it was bitterly cold. Middle of May in Ohio doesn’t always mean blue skies and sunshine! So with that I changed my entire design and sat down with a designer and came up with our “L shape” building. The veranda came later, we initially had this totally closed in with windows but it felt like a smaller replica of the Magnolia Room and we thought maybe we should have something different. So we opened up the walls and made it an open air veranda. The end of the room is enclosed in windows and the archway breezeway gives you a romantic view of the courtyard and the hills on our country road. When I received this drawing from Fiona, I maybe cried a little bit. I absolutely loved how it turned out and I cannot wait to see this come to life.

The purpose of the Veranda was to give our couples a covered area to have their ceremony or cocktail hour in. I also see small parties in this room with flowers hanging from the trusses. We have the most beautiful sunsets out here in Centerburg and I cannot wait for our couples to enjoy them through these archways.

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